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Distributors – And why you should choose Sunburst Bottle?

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

There’s a reason many people have a fascination with containers of various sizes: they make life easier and more efficient, and these utility items help with aesthetics as well. The problem with the best glass bottlesglass jars, and plastic bottles is that buying them in sufficient numbers can be expensive. There tends to be three groups of people who want to buy bottles and containers: large manufacturers who will use them to package their products, small businesses that may use them for the same thing but tend to offer hand-made products, and craftspeople who want to use them as containers for supplies and components in their projects.

Small businesses and individuals tend to be unable to buy in large enough bulk to get the prices they really need to be able to use glass bottles as effectively as they would like to. Finding the right supplier, who can offer better prices even for smaller volume orders, is essential for crafters and small business owners that want to take advantage of the benefits of attractive bottles and jars affordably. At Sunburst Bottle for example, we have no minimum purchase size and don’t charge an extra handling fee for small orders. Even though smaller orders will have a higher average shipping and handling cost per item, suppliers like this make it possible for those with a small budget to get the bottles they need at reasonable prices.

Of course, there is only so far that this less-expensive supply can get somebody looking for these bottles. There is a market bottom price. This makes ordering in bulk important, even if it’s less bulk than a larger company could afford. Obviously it can be difficult to plan ahead and buy for the future as far as budgets are concerned, and the cost of storage can cause problems for individuals and businesses alike. But taking the extra time to estimate need on a yearly basis can lead to significant savings in terms of the cost per bottle and shipping cost to get them. Weighing this benefit against the risks inherent in ordering something based on long-term predictions is necessary, but often worth it.

This is even true for the common hobbyist or crafter that only works in the home. These people may feel that they have the least ability and least need to buy several glass bottles and plastic containers at once. But many hobbies, from building models to painting to sewing, have a surprising need for containers that seal and look good. The best way to see this is to consider how many containers a person had to buy over the course of the last year. Between getting more crafting tools, breaking or ruining old containers, and wanting to get more effective or attractive jars and containers, crafters often find they need lots of containers just as much as businesses do, making the deals that we offer at Sunburst Bottle quite attractive.

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