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Effective Used for Plastic Jars – Loose Leaf Tea

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012

Plastic jars are affordable and can do many things for different people. And their reusability makes them even more budget-friendly. One example of how to really take advantage of their effectiveness is using them to store loose leaf tea. It has a number of benefits, including for health, strong flavors, less bitterness, and easier preservation. These are reasons to drink tea and advantages over bagged tea, which only wins on convenience. Airtight decorative bottles make a great way to securely store loose tea leaves to preserve freshness, and when bought in bulk, wholesale plastic bottles compliment the affordability of loose leaf tea. And the best part is that making tea bags at home is not particularly difficult, allowing tea drinkers to enjoy many or all the benefits of loose tea with the convenience of bags.

The clearest advantage of loose tea is flavor. The leaves are whole, and can unfurl in the steeping sieve. Whole leaves, as opposed to the crumbled bits and dust in commonly manufactured tea bags, are slower to release bitter tannins. Whole, unfurled leaves have more surface area and contact with the hot water, so they release more flavor. The ability to get more of the essential elements of tea leaves in the water also means that loose leaf tea will be marginally more beneficial to health than bagged tea. The basic health benefits of tea include antioxidants that help fight a number of illnesses, other chemicals present in different plants that help with sluggishness and insomnia, and a variety of less-proven advantages. Loose tea is also better for the environment because it has less packaging.

One of the problems with bagged tea is that the bags are only stored in paper wrapping. This individual packaging is both wasteful and not airtight, so the tea becomes stale and loses its flavor quickly. Plastic jars are ideal for storing loose leaf tea to solve both these problems. Tea leaves need to be kept in a cool, dark, dry space, such as in a sealed plastic bottle inside a pantry, or they will also get stale. Many people use labeled metal tins for this purpose, and glass jars with tight-fitting lids can work as well. But plastic has the benefit of being easy to clean, opaque enough to cut the amount of light that enters but clear enough to see the contents, lightweight, and durable such as if dropped.

Loose leaf tea it the most environmentally responsible, cost effective way to consume tea and derive the maximum benefits from it. But it presents many people with significant difficulties and cost problems because it can be difficult to store. The right plastic jars and containers efficiently address this problem, demonstrating the wide range of areas in which they make a very efficient tool.

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