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Four Reasons You’ll Love Glass Bottles By The Case

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Sunburst Bottle has begun the process of switching many of our glass bottles from being sold individually to being sold by the case.  And this is a good thing!  Here are the top four reasons why:

4. No More Broken Glass
No one wants to receive a box of broken glass bottles.  In addition to being useless (unless you’re a glass artist like this), it is dangerous and results in production delays.  Sunburst Bottle’s policy is to refund or replace items that are broken during shipment.  Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often but when it does, it is a drain on customer satisfaction and Sunburst’s business.

Selling glass bottles by the case provides “perfect fit” packaging cutting down on breakage.   And that’s good for everyone.

While Sunburst can’t prevent the rogue delivery person, who negligently handles packages (remember this?), selling glass bottles by the case will greatly reduce the chance of you receiving damaged product.

3. Faster Shipping
Case packaging also eases burden on fulfillment which means expedited delivery for you!  When items are offered by the case efficiency screams, ship the whole case!  Faster fulfillment = Faster delivery.

2. Reusable Re-Shipper Box
Glass bottles by the case are delivered in reusable boxes with cardboard dividers protecting product during shipment.  Each bottle nestles within dividers padded from its’ neighbors and avoiding damaging collisions.

But there’s more!  The reusable re-shipper box is, well, reusable.   After filling our bottles with your product, you can reuse the box & dividers to ship your product to customers.  No more purchasing extra boxes and padding for shipping!

Don’t ship your product?  Reusable re-shipper boxes are great for storing product to protect it from exposure, or for transporting your product locally.  It’s perfect for anyone who sells their product on-the-go at Farmer’s Markets, festivals, or other local events.

1. Up to 30% Savings!
Selling glass bottles by the case results in savings for Sunburst, and we’re passing the savings to you.  Cost of replacements, shipping and time all represent money in your pocket.  By enjoying these savings Sunburst can pass along discount up to 30% to you!  You’ll find these reduced prices on our website with many more savings on the way.

We think you’ll find our new case quantities economical and efficient.  And we bet you’ll enjoy the savings!

Tell us what you think!  How do you feel about the switch from selling glass bottles individually to selling by the case?  How will this affect your business?

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