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Make A Chandelier at Home with Decorative Glass Bottles

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

chandelier made from decorative class bottlesChandeliers are becoming more popular with a wider variety of people as they discover the various quaint charms several different types of chandeliers offer from various tastes in the home or anywhere else. But vintage decorative items are quite expensive. There are a number of DIY ways to make very attractive alternatives using decorative glass bottles and even plastic bottles or small plastic containers if they’re the right style. There’s nothing like the feeling of making something with your own hands that offers a shabby-sheek feel and lots of style without spending a ton of money.

There are actually many different options with this approach that just choosing one can be daunting. The easiest is to start with something that can serve as a frame, such as the top part of a freestanding wooden coat rack, for example. Get clear or colorful glass bottles or jars that you like, mason jars are great for this for example, and glue them on the flat parts with the openings facing up. Inexpensive crystals can be hung below each bottle too. Then either just hang it in front of a window to reflect the natural light or string lights of any type down to each jars.

Another simple option is to get individual electric cords and bulbs, and then hang a cluster of jars using ribbon, all close together, with a bulb in each. Or even just get the same collection of decorative glass bottles and put a bright light in one, then hang them all from the same spot in the ceiling so they fan out and lean against the main one with the light. This can be done from one spot in the ceiling or even using a stand or poll similar to those rolling clothing racks they have in stores to create a movable light installation. With this and the previous example, a lot of the mileage and variations depend on the color, size, and shape of the bottle or jar, the quantity and type of lights used, and how the jars are mounted or hung.

The other main way people make chandeliers with decorative glass bottles involves gluing clusters of them together. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to do this uses a string of LED lights and any small plastic bottles you have available. Start with some sort of base like the trunk of a small tree or a piece of lumber. Push a few inches of the LED strip into each bottle so they are very close together and the light shines through the colored plastic. Then glue the bottles to the base in a tight spiral, very close together. The same can be done with several glass bottles of the same color, except gluing them to one another in a spiral pattern with an empty “pillar” of space in the middle instead of the wood base. One or a few bright lights in that middle part will create a powerful colored light, albeit a very heavy one if you use dozens of bottles.

Decorative glass bottles make a number of very creative, attractive chandelier options possible on a limited budget so the only limiting factor is what you can think of to meet your own tastes.

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