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Making a Terrarium using Glass Jars or Bottles

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012

Glass bottles and jars have a simplicity and aesthetic appeal that lends them to a variety of uses. And while the most conventional will use wholesale glass jars for things like storing spices or jarred fruits in the kitchen or something similarly practical, glass jars and bottles also make gorgeous decorative elements. For example, larger jars are ideal for making a terrarium at home. The project is inexpensive, looks incredible, and can contribute to a room’s atmosphere as well as be educational for families with kids.

Terrarium using Glass Jars

The process is relatively simple. The first step is to figure out what plants and other itesm you wish to use. Every terrarium typically needs soil, gravel or rocks, some sort of moss or fine wire mess to keep the soil from falling down into the gravel, potting soil, moss, and the plants. Regular soil is usually more than sufficient, unless the plants have special needs like cacti from dessert settings. People who want to make sealed and self-sustaining terrariums also need activated charcoal to filter the air. There are several different types of plants that can work, from ivy to moss to ferns to flowing plants, as well as carnivorous plants and herbs. It’s a good idea to pick complimentary plants so that watering them for their best health is easy. The important thing is to pick things you will want to look at, since that’s the point of the project. Doing this first makes picking the soil and the jar easier.

Choosing the right size from available glass bottles and jars is also important. This isn’t to say that there is one best size, but rather that there’s a best size and shape for every terrarium project based on what a person wants to include. Larger jars offer more space to include interesting items like action figures or decorations, are easier for beginners because large openings make working inside the jar with one’s hands simpler, and can be substantial enough to work without a lot of other objects for visual effect.

Putting together a basic terrarium is easy from this point. Lay the stones, marbles, or gravel at the bottom. For sealed terrariums put the charcoal above these rocks. Put the moss above the rocks or charcoal to keep the soil from falling down into the bottom. Spaghnum moss is the best and is easy to find at plant stores. Then put a handful of soil. The last step is to arrange the plants and moss on top and then put a little bit more soil over the root beds of any plants that need it. Place any decorations and enjoy.

Making a terrarium at home with glass bottles or jars is an easy way to try out a new craft and add some greenery and life to a home. And if it doesn’t work the first time, it’s easy to remove everything and try again.

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