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Spicing Things Up – Spice Organization Ideas Using Sunburst Bottle Spice Jars

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2013

Have you seen the gorgeous photos of spice organization that can be found on Pinterest and Blogs all over the internet? These have served as a source of both inspiration and embarrassment each time I take something out of my own less-than-organized pantry. If you are aspiring to do your own spice makeover, continue reading! I’ve put together some great spice organization ideas found on the web and paired them with the Sunburst Bottle products that will help you achieve a similar look for your spices.

First up, an image from one of our very own customers, Sarah! Sarah used our 4 oz. Clear Square Glass Spice Jar & Black Cap to store her spices and give them a uniform look. She customized them by adding her own label in a cool font. Here is what Sarah had to say,

“I bought a few dozen of your 4oz square jars with black cap (SP4SQB) for storing my spices. They are made of high quality glass with tight fitting lids and have a generous opening for measuring spoons. Because they are square, the jars pack well into my spice rack and the labels all stay facing forward. Thanks for a great product!”

Great job, Sarah!

4 oz Clear Square Spice Jar & Black Cap


Next up is Meghann’s Little Corner who used a jar similar to our 4 oz Clear Glass Spice Jar & Black Cap to organize her spices. Like Sarah’s makeover, the uniform jars and labels add a cohesive look to her spice rack.

4 oz Clear Glass Spice Jar & Black Cap

(via Meghanns Little Corner)


How about a different look? Lactose-Free Girl created this gorgeous display of spices using our Clear Glass Salve Jars & Black Lid. Sunburst carries these jars in 2oz and 4oz sizes so you can choose the size that best fits the amount of spices and space you have. These squat jars would also work well in a drawer or stacked.

4 oz Clear Glass Salve Jar & Black Cap


(via Lactose-Free Girl)


If jars are not your thing then think tins! There are many different ideas out there for spice storage in tins. Melissa at 320 Sycamore used tins similar to our 4 oz Round Window Tin to house her spices. Glue a magnet to the bottom, add a simple label and stick them to the side of your refrigerator or stove for easy access and a neat look. If your appliances are not magnetic then you could also use Velcro rounds to get them to stick.  Sunburst carries a wide variety of tins in many shapes and sizes so you can customize this idea to suit your tastes.

(via 320 Sycamore)


No matter which Sunburst Bottle container you use for your spice organization project, please remember that all of our bottles, jars, and tins should be washed before adding your spices.

Tell us what you think! Have you done a pantry or spice organization makeover?

Product Sources:
4 oz Clear Square Spice Jar & Black Cap (Square)
4 oz Clear Spice Jar & Black Cap (Round)
2 oz Glass Salve Jars & Black Cap (also available with white cap)
4 oz Glass Salve Jars & Black Cap (also available with white cap)
2 oz Round Window Tin
4 oz Round Window Tin (also available in square shape)

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