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Tamper Evident Packaging Solutions from Sunburst Bottle

Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Do you want your product to project an image of freshness and safety?  Do you want to increase your customer’s peace of mind and confidence in your product?  Tamper evident packaging may be the solution.

Tamper evident packaging provides layers of protection which will alert you and your customers to the possibility that your product has been compromised.  Some consumer products are legally required to employ tamper evident or child resistant packaging, however, all products can benefit from tamper evident packaging by assuring your customers that your product is safe and unaltered.

If you haven’t considered tamper evident packaging before, then continue reading for a rundown of the types of tamper evident solutions offered by Sunburst Bottle and how to use them.


Pressure Seal

Pressure Seals

Sunburst Bottle’s pressure seals, are easy to apply and create a seal over the bottle or jar opening which is easily removed by the customer.  These seals are called “pressure seals” because they are applied to the bottle or jar using just pressure.  To apply, fit the seal over the bottle or jar opening, then place the cap on top and tighten firmly.  When the cap is removed, the cap liner should be sealed in place.  This short video shows how this is done:








Shrink Bands

Tamper evident shrink bands are rounds of PVC plastic that fit over the bottle or jar’s neck and are tightened to a secure seal using heat.  Shrink bands go by many different names, shrink sleeves, shrink wrappers, shrink tubes, heat shrink bands, but they are all the same type of seal and provide the same function.  Sunburst Bottle’s shrink bands are perforated so your customers can remove them more easily.  Tamper evident shrink bands fit loosely on the bottle or jar to begin, and can be shrunk to tighten using an ordinary hair dryer, heat gun, or with hot water.  To shrink using the hot water method, briefly dip the top of the bottle or jar in hot water.  This video shows the hot water method of applying shrink bands:



Shrink Capsule

Shrink Capsules

Shrink capsules are similar to shrink bands in that they fit over the top of a bottle loosely and are tightened using heat.  Shrink capsules, however, completely cover the cap of the bottle.  This type of tamper evident packaging can be seen most often on wine bottles, though are not limited to that use.  Like shrink bands, shrink capsules can be tightened using a hair dryer, heat gun or hot water.  This video shows the hot water method of applying a shrink capsule:

Tamper Evident Cap


Tamper Evident Caps

The last kind of tamper evident packaging offered by Sunburst bottle is the tamper evident cap.  This type of cap has a ring of plastic attached to the cap.  When the cap is loosened, the plastic ring is separated from the cap and remains on the bottle.  Customers are able to identify whether the product has been tampered with by seeing that the ring is detached from the cap.

All of these solutions will provide some tamper resistance to your product, and some can be layered for even more protection. For example, a pressure seals and a shrink bands could be used in combination on one bottle to increase tamper resistance even more.  This one extra step in bottling your product pays back in a professional look for your product and improved customer confidence.

Tell us what you think.  Do you have questions about tamper evident packaging?  Do you use tamper evident packaging on your product?  Do you think customers are more likely to avoid products that do not have tamper evident packaging?

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