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Tea Storage: 6 Things to Avoid

Posted on Monday, January 13th, 2014


When it comes to packaging for tea storage, the container makes all the difference for long lasting freshness. Stored properly, tea leaves can last up to a year and while tea may not spoil per se, its flavor can be easily diminished with improper storage. In order to make sure your tea remains long lasting and flavorful, here are six things you need to avoid when storing tea.

1.  Extreme Temperatures
Tea leaves are best stored at a room temperature, protected from heat or cold. Extreme cold from refrigerating or freezing, or extreme heat from being stored near a stove, oven or other heat source will diminish the nuances of flavor in tea.

2. Odors
Avoid storing tea near other foods or spices with strong odors. The delicate tea leaves can easily absorb surrounding odors, resulting in a flavor that is quite unexpected! To keep tea flavor pure, be sure to keep it away from foods with strong aroma.

3. Light
While displaying tea in a decorative container might seem appealing, light is harmful to tea leaves and will result in a loss of flavor, color and scent. As a result, clear glass containers are a poor choice for tea storage unless your consumption is immediate.

4. Moisture
Moisture is detrimental to delicate tea leaves and can accelerate decay. Moisture from cooking or humid climates should be considered when deciding where to store your tea. An air-tight container in a cool, dry place, will prevent decay from occurring.

5. Air
To maintain optimal freshness for your tea, an air-tight container is best. Air exposure causes tea to lose flavor and freshness and can also let in unwanted odors.

6. Plastic
A plastic, air-tight container seems like a good idea for tea storage, but plastic can cause tea to acquire a tainted flavor and therefore should be avoided.


So now we know what to avoid for optimal tea storage, but where does that leave us? The best choice for tea storage is an FDA approved, air-tight, tin container that keeps light out. Sunburst Bottle has a variety of tins that meet the delicate needs for tea storage.

Round Tins for tea storage
Round Tins for Tea Storage

Window Tins for tea storage (note: use window tins only for teas that will be used quickly since light can deteriorate tea leaf quality)
Window Tins for Tea Storage

Paper Tea Bags
Paper Tea bags with Natural Sealant

Tell us what you think!  How and where do you store your tea?  Have you had problems storing or packaging tea in containers that are not tin?  Find tea storage ideas on our Tea Tins Pinterest Board.


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