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Use Glass Jars and Bottles to Give Creative Homemade Gifts

Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

48 Homemade Gift Ideas in a Jar

Most people know that leftover glass jars and bottles have a number of crafty uses and applications in the home for those willing to put in the time. But there are so many ways for bottle containers to enter the home that we end up with more bottles than we can use. Most people will end up preferring to simply recycle them. This is a waste of free materials, even though you can only have so many glass spice jars. Fortunately, glass bottles are also great for giving gifts, and there is a surprising number of ways to do this.

By far the most popular type of gift in glass jars and bottles is food. From tarts and pies baked in jars to cookie and pie recipes in jars to roasted and glazed nuts in a jar, if it’s sweet and delicious, preparing it and giving it as a gift in a jar will probably be appreciated. These range in preparation difficulty from pouring a few ingredients into the container – easy – to figuring out the right proportions and being able to bake a good pie with the added complication of it being in an uncommon container – more difficult. Most of the recipes for cupcakes, brownie bars, blondies, tarts ,and pies explain everything you need to know, from preparing the batter and toppings to apportioning it appropriately into the jars to how to adjust baking times based on the size of glass jars or bottles you have. So it’s hard to go wrong with giving sweet treats as gifts.Another popular option is more craft-y, but still enjoyable for the recipient. Ornaments and decorations using jars are fun and easy to make, and when designed base on an upcoming holiday, can actually offer helpful decorations for the recipient. Halloween Jack O’ Lantern jars, a Thanksgiving terrarium, and Christmas snow globes are all equally fun and personal options. This list also includes sand art jars, collections of small textured objects like shells, and the obvious craft choices, which are especially effective if you personalize them for the season. The list of instructions for this type of use may not be as deep as for baked goods, but it doesn’t take much to find inspiration. The third option is about relaxation and personal comfort. Things like bath salts, bath oils, scented candles, and even potpourri are perfect for these goals. These are all gifts that any home, family, or friend can appreciate. And you can prepare them in one large batch, enabling you to create something luxurious at a fraction of what each candle or jar of bath salts would cost individually. Sometimes it’s literally as easy as buying a bag of salts, separating it into jars, labeling the jars, and taking them to friends.The important thing to remember about giving gifts using your old glass jars and bottles is that the simple details make a huge difference. A spotless jar with ribbons and a handwritten label could have almost anything in it and the recipient would appreciate the thought and effort. This approach is a great way to earn some good will, satisfy your urge to be generous, and use up old bottles and jars in a more effective way than plain recycling.

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